Residential Lighting

Lighting affects moods, creates customised ambience and can dramatically improve the overall appearance of any type or size of room. Light fixtures needed to hold light sources can be stylish or simple, functional or aesthetic or a combination of all four designs.

When the perfect light fixture is paired with the perfect cast of light, you’ve got luminous charisma.

At JM Lighting we consider what each space will be used for including possible multiple usage in some rooms.

“We believe that light is the quintessential element in all interior designs, an element with the power to breathe life into your room. Light is more than just a tool that enables us to work and see. It will define subtleties in texture, tone and colour and has the ability to alter shape and space. Lighting should look natural, be flexible and multi-functional.”

Light…an element with the power to breath life into your room


Task lighting

Task lighting is focused on a specific area to make the completion of visual tasks easier. It is differentiated from area and mood lighting, which are designed simply to illuminate various regions of a space, sometimes creating specific desired effects.


Ambient Lighting

Ambient or background lighting, usually provided by a central pendant can be supplemented by wall lights, up-down lights or floor lights, giving a greater flexible lighting scheme.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting will give you texture, focus and shape to the general lighting in your room, adding depth and shade, achieved by mixing spotlights, up and down lights and table lamps.

By simply turning a switch you can transform bright vibrant spaces into areas of ambience and settings for romantic dining.


Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting. It not only illuminates your homes
exterior and enhances the outside areas but also provides security. Whatever type of outdoor lighting you need – Driveway, Patio, Garden or Floodlights, we can offer a fantastic range in traditional and modern designs, including products for more exposed and coastal areas.